Videography, Promotion & Design for Performance. 
Powerful witness & capture of the ephemeral… Respect Your Art.

Since 2006 and hundreds of productions later we continue to provide excellent services in performance documentation, video design, and post-production. Based in San Francisco/ San Diego, we provide national and international services upon request.

We turn your ephemeral moments into your next success! ······ Want something to REALLY show for all your hard work & soul you’ve put into your produced event after it’s OVER? ···· Want your performance work to have a professional framing? ····· Would you like to increase your potential for grants and individual donations quickly and authentically? ······Wish it was easy to get video documentation in your hands after your show and in a workable format? ······ Want to professionalize your portfolio and performance archive CONSISTENTLY?

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This creates space

In order of appearance: Seth Eisen/EyeZenArt (, Adia Whitaker and ASE Dance, Raisa Punkki/punkkico (, ODC Dance (, ALICE Presents (, Prumsodun Ok and dancers, EmSpace Dance in “A Hand in Desire”(, Lil Miss Hot Mess (, exhibition by Kathy deRosas (, Amy Foley and dancers, Maryam Mermey and CASA/Rooftop School (, Shawnrey Notto and Jesse Hewit ( Music by Frank Wow.


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