[LRP] is like a video fairy who sprinkles techno fairy dust on all that we produce! -Shamsher Virk, CounterPULSE

Loren’s expert videography and editing helped me get my first grant as a solo artist. I’d recommend her without hesitation – her work is high quality and she’s fast, reliable, and a pleasure to work with. It’s no accident that she’s the videographer for just about every dance and experimental theater artist in the Bay Area! –Davina Cohen, San Francisco/New York

I am consistently astonished by the quality of [LRP’s] work. Great audio, perfect color rendition and low-light imaging, and they have the rare ability to shoot the story, which is so critical for documenting theater. -Gabe Maxson, Assistant Professor, Production Manager, University of San Francisco Performing Arts Dept.

I have been continually impressed by the quality of the work. They’ve filmed performances that I’ve mounted in traditional theatre spaces as well as an immersive piece installed throughout a three-floor gallery; with each project, they capture the essence of being immersed in the particular space…they are able to hone in on the subtlety of a dancer’s performance. Shooting sweeping choreography or understated gesture, they offer unwavering attention to detail and so much respect to the performers they work with. – Macklin Kowal, Choreographer, San Francisco

Usually I find video sucks the life out of performance – I was delighted that [LRP] managed to capture much of the magic and craft it into its own creative work. Loren was flexible and responsive to my vision and goals, whilst also able to offer expert advise. She is a performer as well as a videographer, which means that she understands how important it is to get the work just right. The edited promotional footage has been invaluable in getting into festivals and getting grants – an investment well worth it. –Sunny Drake, performing artist, San Francisco/Australia

We hire [LRP] to document all the performances at CounterPULSE. I always advise artists to invest in high-quality documentation because the investment is something that will pay off over and over again. LRP’s services are absolutely worth the investment. -Jessica Robinson Love, Executive Director, CounterPULSE, San Francisco

It is now a rule that I contact Loren when I need a videographer for my dance company’s productions. She is professional, on time, easy to work with – and most importantly, THE VIDEOS TURN OUT GREAT!!! My work uses a lot of low light, and [her videographers are] fantastic at shooting in low light, which a lot of videographers are not. She is helping us reproduce our dances for the future in an artistic way!! -Alyssa Lee, Group A, San Francisco

I have worked with LRP on multiple video projects where they have been able to not only capture great quality footage, but Loren’s creativity and willingness to work with my organization on our vision was very impressive. Whole heartedly recommended. -Jeri Howland, Development Director, Rainforest Action Network, San Francisco

[LRP] did a great job capturing a very raw piece so that what made it exciting in the performance was captured in the video.  No small feat. -Deborah Slater, Art of the Matter, San Francisco


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