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Loren had the privilege of being able to return to footage from a series of performances in 2011 by Avy K Productions/Erika Tsimbrovsky held at SOMArts in San Francisco and create some shorts from it!

Loren Robertson
Silvia Turchin

We are so excited to share this promo video we shot and edited for long time client, Embodiment Project. EP’s latest work, “Ancient Children”, is inspired by  Shakti Butler‘s film “Healing Justice” about how restorative justice can disrupt the school to prison pipeline. Artistic Director, Nicole Klaymoon, and her dancer collaborators talk about how they brought forth their own stories and also embody those of others to make this powerful piece. “Ancient Children” previews throughout the west coast in the upcoming months and premieres at ODC in June 2018.

Music: Tama Waipara – Pacifika (Cecil Beatdown)
Camera: Jenny Chu

Leading UK disabled artist Claire Cunningham and international choreographer and performer Jess Curtis“The Way You Look (At Me) Tonight” grapples with questions of how we perceive each other and the world around us. With dancing, singing, story telling, music, and video, this work is a living, philosophical and sensorial audience-engaged experience. Performed at CounterPulse.

Here’s an example of how we used a full show 2-camera edit to make both a quick sizzle reel and also a more in depth 5min. highlight edit for promotional and portfolio purposes:

Philosophical consultation by Alva Noe

Video by Yoann Trellu

Music by Mathias Herrmann

Texts by Claire Cunningham, Jess Curtis, and Alva Noe


FAITH MATERIAL: ACTIVISM performed at CounterPulse, is a body- and object-ba​sed performance about the urgent importance of believing in things that cannot be proven. The work utilizes physical practices of mediumship, ontological re-animation of objects, and full expression of faith to present a number of intimate domestic scenes of queer solitude-turned-futurism.

Jesse Hewit‘s work is clearly influenced by Haraway’s “new materialism” politics, by the queer re-imagining/survival project of Pee Wee’s Playhouse, and by the creative faith-practices of artist/priest Amara Tabor-­Smith, poet/theologian Marvin K. White, and artist/healer Sara Shelton Mann.

Concept, Choreography, Text, Scenography, Performance: Jesse Hewit
Choreography, Text, Performance: Keyon Gaskin
Choreography, Text: Abby Crain
Light: Zoe Klein
Cameras: Jacob Marks, Rachel Marks

Each year we make a video of the year in review. Here’s a collage of the luminous, forthright, and expertly crafted performance we had the privilege to document in 2016. Have a watch; you’ll feel so proud of your fellow artists! And get in our calendar for 2017. The world needs your diverse voices and perspectives. Happy New Year!

Cameras by: Jenny Chu, Laura Lukitsch, Jacob Marks, Rachel Marks, Loren R. Robertson


In Vak Song of Becoming, Ann Dyer employs mantra to cultivate performative, sonic, and embodied healing. With a handful of professional singers and a lion’s share of amateurs, they plumb the depths of the ancient use of song to connect to one another and to humanity.

Happy to finally be sharing this one and the simple power of our voices!

Conceived, written, directed by Anne Dyer
Co-composed by Anne Dyer and Tim Volpicella
Choreography: Erika Shuch
Camera: Eric Koziol & Nicole Fuentes

Deborah Slater’s work Private Life Variations explores the inner-landscapes of veterans after returning home from duty. The stunning composition was featured in both the SF Dance Film Festival in 2015 and the Tiny Dance Film Festival in 2016. It’s a quick watch, but the ruminant images will stay with you.

producer/choreographer: Deborah Slater

performers: Private Freeman, Derek Harris, Kerry Mehling, Andrew Merrell

music: Bruno Louchouarn

cinematography: Lindsay Gauthier

edit: Loren Robertson



Dance concerts, theater, street performance, milestones, and one off’s, we are honored to capture the work of every single one of our clients. Here is a collage of some memorable moments of their work in 2015.

Get yourselves in our 2016 video by filling out a Video Estimate Request or sending us an email with your dates!


CounterPulse 2015? This video says it all.

We’re on the edge of our seat for 2016! So excited for the new 80 Turk Street!


We’ve watched Seth Eisen’s Homo File: Chronicling the life of Samuel Steward develop over the years. Steward, a 20th century college professor, author, tattoo artist, and sexual rebel, laid early tracks for LGBTQ activism. And what a fascinating life he led! Have a looksee!

Written, designed, and directed by Seth Eisen